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I’m Marcus LeGrand, and I serve as the College and Career Success Coach at Central Oregon Community College. In this role, I’m dedicated to empowering students to achieve a higher level of learning, and to overcome barriers, by connecting them with supportive resources in the community. In addition, I’m an instructor for Social Science and Business, and an Executive Board Member for The Father’s Group, which is a non-profit organization, structured to help students build equitable and inclusive communities.


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                                                                             Oregon Education Association (OEA)
                                                                             Bend Education Association (BEA) 
                                                                             Stand with Children
                                                                             Team Jamie for Oregon

                                                                             Color PAC                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Planned Parenthood PAC of Oregon
                                                                             Central Oregon Labor Chapter
                                                                             Strengthening Central Oregon  (SCOPAC)
                                                                             The Source Weekly
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                                                                             Representative Jason Kropf
                                                                             Bend City Mayor Pro-Tem, Gena Goodman-Campbell
                                                                             Bend City Councilor, Anthony Broadman
                                                                             Bend City Councilor, Megan Perkins
                                                                             Bend City Councilor, Rita Schenkelberg
                                                                             Bend City Councilor, Melanie Kebler
                                                                             COCC Board Chair, Erica Skatvold
                                                                             COCC Board Member, Alan Unger
                                                                             COCC Board Member, Bruce Abernethy
                                                                             COCC Board Member, Oliver Tatom
                                                                             Bend-La Pine School Board Chair, Carrie Douglass
                                                                             Bend-La Pine School Board Member, Melissa Barnes Dholakia
                                                                             Bend-La Pine School Board Member, Julie Craig 
                                                                             Bend-La Pine School Board Member, Amy Tatom
                                                                             Bend-La Pine School Board Member, Shimiko Montgomery
                                                                             Bend Park & Rec. Board Chair, Ted Schoenborn
                                                                             Bend Park & Rec. Board Vice-Chair, Nathan Hovekamp
                                                                             Bend Park & Rec. Board Member, Ariel Méndez
                                                                             Bend Park & Rec. Board Member, Deb Schoen


Marcus Legrand brings incredible expertise in matters of budgeting, educational policy, and executive decision making.  He has deep knowledge of what our students coming from diverse cultural backgrounds need to feel like they belong here and what conditions they need to be able to achieve academically.  He is concerned that every student has what they need to excel in today’s economic, political, and artistic climate.
I can think of no one better qualified to serve on the Bend La Pine School Districts Board of Directors!!  I endorse him wholeheartedly

Dalton Miller Jones

Restorative Justice & Equity, Co-Chair

Marcus is exactly what our school district needs. He is an educator, a community organizer, and a father who cares deeply about our students and teachers. Marcus will move us forward together.

Megan Perkins

Bend City Councilor

Marcus is the leader our kids and district need.  His vast experience in education and proven ability to work in our community make him uniquely suited to the role.  As we confront the challenges ahead of us, Marcus will be a champion for kids, teachers, and families.

Anthony Broadman

Bend City Councilor

If we need strength as we need forbearance.
If we need compassionate as we need tenacity.
If we need the power of voice as we need the listening ear.
Then we need Marcus LeGrand to be given the support and space
to help us all
reach further
into our full potential.
As individuals, as a community.

Jason Graham



Bend La Pine School District



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